Intensive Care Unit

Our Team provides comprehensive, coordinated care that promotes excellent outcomes.

Intensive Care Unit

The new state-of-the-art intensive care (ICU) & Dialysis Unit of Sathya Sai Othopedic and MultispecialtyHospital is specialized and equipped with advanced technologies in order to provide comprehensive and critical care for persons with life-threatening injuries or illnesses. It has experienced high qualified team of health care providers to provide close and constant attention to the treatment of critically ill patients around the clock.

The Department of Critical Care is equipped with the Latest Hi-Tech Equipment capable of providing 24/7 uninterrupted monitoring, diagnostic and therapeutic care.

Advanced technology & modern facilities are crucial to delivering high-standard quality Critical Care…

  • An interdisciplinary team of doctors, nurses, technicians, and other medical support staff who determine the clinical excellence in the overall treatment of critically ill patients.
  • The multidisciplinary approach to patient care encompassing all specialties.
  • A passionate active 24*7 ER team with ambulance along with complete knowledge and skill of emergency protocols in first line management of patients such as code blue procedures, triage and hands-on experience in delivering proper medical treatment through basic life support equipment.
  • Critical Care features state-of-the-art medical equipment, including a computerized monitoring system.
  • Infection prevention practices to minimize the risk of infections in Critical Care.
  • Advanced drug treatment regimens and latest drug administration techniques.

We are always there when life matters…