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Through a proactive approach to health and wellness, the Department of Physiotherapy at Sathya Sai Orthopaedic & Multispecialty Hospital seeks to maximise human potential. We provide a wide range of services and treatment options for paediatric, neurological, cardio-thoracic, and musculoskeletal issues, including everything from simple aches and pains to complicated sports injuries. Our physical therapists are experts in modern physiotherapy skills and procedures in addition to having a solid foundation in their respective professions. Diagnosing and evaluating the lingering disability and functional impairments consists of doctors. Furthermore, they cover the persistent morbidity that results from acute illnesses such as spinal cord injuries, strokes, head trauma, brain and spinal cord tumours, paediatric neurological disorders, orthopaedic conditions, and diabetic foot disease. Even during the chronic phase of recuperation, they continue to provide their services. Additionally, the hospital offers Home Physio visit services.

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