Precision Imaging for Precise Diagnoses

The Radiology Department at Sathya Sai Hospital in Bangalore is at the forefront of diagnostic imaging, providing a comprehensive suite of advanced radiological services. Our state-of-the-art facilities are equipped with the latest in imaging technology, including MRI, CT scans, ultrasound, and X-ray, to ensure high-quality and precise diagnostics. Our team of expert radiologists and technicians are dedicated to delivering accurate results promptly, supporting the best possible health outcomes for our patients. With a focus on patient comfort and safety, our radiology services are integral to the diagnosis and management of various medical conditions.

Advanced Diagnostic Imaging

The Radiology Department at Sathya Sai Orthopaedic & Multispeciality Hospital in Bangalore offers an array of sophisticated imaging services designed to provide detailed insights into the body's internal workings. Our 64 Slice Cardiac CT delivers high-resolution images of the heart, essential for precise diagnoses. The 2D Echo is invaluable for assessing heart function in real time, while our Colour Doppler service visualizes blood flow dynamics, aiding in the detection of vascular issues. Additionally, our comprehensive ultrasound scanning capabilities allow for detailed views of various internal organs, supporting a wide range of diagnostic needs.

Our Orthopaedic Doctors

Our orthopaedic doctors are among the best in Bangalore, bringing world-class expertise and innovative techniques to every treatment. They are dedicated to improving patient outcomes through personalized care and advanced surgical practices. Each doctor is committed to helping patients regain mobility and enhance their quality of life.




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